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Yuka Kamiya Yuka.Kamiya at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 21 02:41:09 PDT 2009


   samuel jawahar wrote:
   >  Hello, I have a requirement “number to text conversion”
   >  Example:-123 is the number the equivalent text is:” one hundred and three”
   >  All the standings are as per international scientific standard
   >  Is there any API in java addressing this request?
   >  If not shall I send my implementation as part  my contribution to next JDK
   >  Regards
   >  Jawahar

Could you please file an RFE(Request for enhancement) from
http://bugreport.sun.com/bugreport/ ?
I think that we haven't received this kind of RFE and need to
evaluate its demand first.

Basically, we add a new API to Java SE's core library (only)
when the API is wanted by many developers and/or it looks essential
as a part of the _core_ library of Java. Yes, we are very careful
about it, because there are developers who want us to keep Java
SE small. And also, once a new API is added, it's very difficult
to obsolete it or to change its specification even if there's a
problem. We need to consider before adding.

An independent library outside Java SE may be a good place to
keep APIs which are needed by only a small group of people.

In any case, we really appreciate it if you file a new RFE for

Yuka Kamiya

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