<i18n dev> Do developers or end-users create currency.properties?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Wed Nov 21 12:49:21 PST 2012

On 21/11/2012 20:32, Naoto Sato wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> I think it's a good idea to provide a way to specify the currency 
> properties file location. As to whether it belongs to spec or not, I 
> think we need make it as part of spec, otherwise it may not conform to 
> the existing spec, i.e., lib/currency.properties will not be read if 
> this new mechanism is invoked.
If you have a preference to have keep it in the spec then I can leave it 
there. All it means that every implementation would need to support this 
property and this format, if it were JDK specific then it would need to 
be documented somewhere else although it could be the same format as 
what we have now and it would need to continue to support 
lib/currency.properties for compatibility reasons.

So do you agree with the proposed property name and the minor tweak to 
the spec?


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