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On 01/27/2013 06:18 AM, Jakob Wisor wrote:
> I have been working with the javaws deployment tool recently and have
> noticed that it lacks a localization for Polish. So, I looked for the
> localized resource files and thought I could provide that. I was
> quickly able to localize javaws' syntax description in
> jre/lib/deploy/messages.properties. But I was a little bit stuck with
> the rest. After building a Polish ListResourceBundle based on
> deploy.jar/com/sun/deploy/resources/Deployment.class and successfully
> testing it, I was wondering whether the source code for the
> deployment tool is included in OpenJDK. Greping OpenJDK's source code
> brought no enlightenment. Is the deployment tool indeed not part of
> OpenJDK? If not, where should I send my patch for review to?

You are correct: OpenJDK does not include the source for javaws. The
javaws implementation that is shipped with Oracle's JDK/JRE is
proprietary. I don't know where you would send patches for that.

Some of us are working on an open source implementation of javaws,
called IcedTea-Web [1], that does include include the source and accepts
localization patches for any language. It is not included in OpenJDK,
though most Linux distributions do ship it along with OpenJDK as the
plugin and javaws implementation. We normally hang out on
distro-pkg-dev at openjdk.java.net (cc'ed).

> Are there any plans or any intention to localize OpenJDK to other
> languages than the existing en, ja, and zh? Would localizations to de
> and pl be welcomed? If so, where should I send patches for review to
> (yes, I have read the contributors and faq sections, but I am still
> confused)?

I can't speak for OpenJDK, but for IcedTea-Web, we are willing to
localize to any language that you can provide translations for.
distro-pkg-dev at openjdk.java.net is the right place for any patches for


[1] http://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/IcedTea-Web

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