<i18n dev> Newbie questions

Jakob Wisor gitne at excite.co.jp
Sun Jan 27 03:18:04 PST 2013

Hi there!

I have been working with the javaws deployment tool recently and have noticed that it lacks a localization for Polish. So, I looked for the localized resource files and thought I could provide that. I was quickly able to localize javaws' syntax description in jre/lib/deploy/messages.properties. But I was a little bit stuck with the rest. After building a Polish ListResourceBundle based on deploy.jar/com/sun/deploy/resources/Deployment.class and successfully testing it, I was wondering whether the source code for the deployment tool is included in OpenJDK. Greping OpenJDK's source code brought no enlightenment. Is the deployment tool indeed not part of OpenJDK? If not, where should I send my patch for review to?

Are there any plans or any intention to localize OpenJDK to other languages than the existing en, ja, and zh? Would localizations to de and pl be welcomed? If so, where should I send patches for review to (yes, I have read the contributors and faq sections, but I am still confused)?

Is there any document governing policy on localizations?


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