Java SE 8 (JSR 337) Proposed Final Draft Specification: DRAFT

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Dec 23 11:44:46 PST 2013

The draft Proposed Final Draft Specification is available here:

Changes in this draft:

  - The section on Stripped Implementations now includes a set
    of specific constraints designed to preserve compatibility
    and guard against fragmentation.

  - Annex 1, the detailed API specification-change summary, and
    Annex 2, the annotated API specification showing the exact
    differences relative to Java SE 7, have been updated to
    include the most recent small enhancements, clarifications,
    and bug fixes as well as the latest API changes from the
    Component JSR Specifications.

  - Annex 3, which contains draft versions of The Java Language
    Specification and The Java Virtual Machine Specification,
    has been updated to include all changes from Component JSR
    Specifications (i.e., Lambda Expressions (JSR 335) and
    Annotations on Java Types (JSR 308)).

I'd like to submit this to the JCP PMO as the Proposed Final Draft
Specification in early January.  Please let me know by 22:00 UTC on
Wednesday, 8 January, of any changes you'd like me to make before I
submit it, or if you think that further discussion is required.

- Mark

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