JSR 383 (Java SE 10 (18.3)) Final Release Specification -- DRAFT

Iris Clark iris.clark at oracle.com
Thu Feb 22 05:12:05 UTC 2018


The draft Final Release Specification is available here:


This draft includes the following minor changes from PFD:

    - Spec, Section 1, "Summary": New second sentence to more accurately
      describe release contents.

    - Spec, Section 7, "Modules": Section renamed from "Conformance".
      Additional text added to declare that the modular structure of the Java
      SE Platform was not changed.

    - Annexes 1 and 2: Updates based on build 44 promotion

    - Annex 3: Updated to include FR license.

Information about the RI and TCK will be provided shortly.

I plan to submit this Specification to the PMO for the Final Approval
Ballot next week.


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