JSR 383 (Java SE 10 (18.3)) Final Release RI and TCK -- DRAFT

Iris Clark iris.clark at oracle.com
Thu Feb 22 21:14:12 UTC 2018



The draft Reference Implementation, based on JDK 10 build 44, will be

available here shortly:




The official RI is under the GPL License.  Equivalent builds are also

provided under the Oracle Binary Code License for those who prefer that.


The draft TCK has already been made available to EG members.  The most

recent promotion is build 12, based on JDK 10 build 42.  The final

TCK, build 13, based on JDK 10 build 44 is expected within the next

few days.  There are no significant changes between the two builds.


As with the Specification, the RI and TCK will be submitted to the PMO

for the Final Approval Ballot next week.





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