RFR [14] 8215038: Add a page that lists all system properties

Pavel Rappo pavel.rappo at oracle.com
Wed Dec 11 17:26:13 UTC 2019


Please review the following change for https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8215038:


This change proposes a summary page for system properties. The change is largely based on prior work of Priya Lakshmi Muthuswamy (pmuthuswamy). The result can be seen here:


For practical reasons the link above leads to only a small part of the API docs, so most links will NOT work. From the navigation bar click on the "INDEX" link and then on the "System Properties" link immediately below the letter index.

We still have a ways to go with this particular functionality, but I reckon this is a good start.


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