What does LTS mean for OpenJDK?

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Thu Aug 23 16:56:13 UTC 2018

2018/8/23 6:24:36 -0700, Jack Shirazi <jacks at fasterj.com>:
> There is (still) a lot of confusion in the community about this. Can I 
> give an example of how I understand this to proceed and please comment 
> if wrong (I appreciate not set in stone, this is just an example of how 
> it seems likely from my understanding atm):
> Let's say Java 12 has been released and Oracle announce a security 
> upgrade. Oracle will apply that to their paid-for Oracle Java 11 build, 
> and also to the OpenJDK Java 12 build but NOT the latest OpenJDK Java 11 
> build.

Correct, assuming that this happens within six months of the release of
JDK 12.

>        AdoptOpenJDK will also NOT backport that to the OpenJDK Java 11 
> build. However the jdk11u project WILL backport that to the OpenJDK Java 
> 11 build, and AdoptOpenJDK will then support that Java 11 upgraded 
> version because it will continue to support Java 11, so that upgraded 
> OpenJDK Java 11 build will then be available (somewhere) for public 
> consumption.

As Andrew noted earlier in this thread, a good number of individuals
and organizations appear to be interested in working on OpenJDK LTS
releases, but there are no specific plans as yet.  Stay tuned.

- Mark

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