Survey : On the jinfo, jmap, jstack serviceability tools

Stephen Fitch stephen.fitch at
Mon Jun 15 19:42:26 UTC 2020


We are considering deprecation and (eventual) removal of the jinfo, 
jmap, jstack - (aka “j* tools”) and building out a future foundation for 
some aspect of serviceability on jcmd, however we don’t have a lot of 
data about how how these tools are used in practice, especially outside 
of Oracle.

Therefore, we have created a survey [1] to gather more information and 
help us evaluate and understand how others are using these tools in the 
JDK.If you have used, or have (support) processes that utilize these 
j*commands, then we would definitely appreciate a completed survey.

We are specifically interested in your use-cases and how these tools are 
effective for you in resolving JVM issues.

The survey will remain open through July 15 2020. The results of the 
survey will be made public after the survey closes.

Thank you very much for your time and support.


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