Coming soon: jtreg 7.1

Christian Stein christian.s.stein at
Thu Nov 17 16:55:52 UTC 2022

JDK folk,

This is a general heads-up that jtreg 7.1 is ready for use and
that we should soon update JDK to use it. There are not many
changes to the jtreg tool itself; the most significant change
in jtreg 7.1 are bug fixes and improvements in how JUnit tests
are reporting their progress.

Find a listing of noteworthy changes at [1].

Note that starting with version 7 [2], jtreg is compiled with
JDK 11 and so requires a recent release of JDK 11 to run it.

The plan is to create a PR fo "JDK-8296710: Update to use
jtreg 7.1" [3] and integrate it in last week of November 2022.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped thus far!


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