Repo consolidation update: jdk10/master, jdk10/client, and jdk10/hotspot open for pushes

joe darcy joe.darcy at
Wed Sep 20 22:12:29 UTC 2017


The JDK 10 master line of development at

and the two integration lines of development at

are now open for pushes. All three are consolidated and are currently 
equivalent to JDK 10 b24.

Consolidated versions of other JDK 10-derived lines of development, such 
as for Project Amber, Project Valhalla, and the sandbox, will be created 
in the coming days.

If you have clones of any of the old non-consolidated JDK 10 forests 
with outstanding work to bring over, you can:

* Synchronize the old forest with jdk10/jdk10. The jdk10/jdk10 forest is 
an archive of the non-consolidated master forest at build 23. Before 
being closed to pushes, both the jdk10/client and jdk10/hs forests were 
synchronized with jdk10/jdk10.

* Extract the patch of the in-progress work.

* Run the patch through the patch conversion script, 
bin/ in the consolidated repository.

* Apply the converted patch to a clone of a consolidated repo and 
resolved any conflicts, etc.

Thank you to the many people who worked on the consolidation project!



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