Request for approval: 8140483, Atomic*FieldUpdaters final fields should be trusted

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at
Mon Nov 16 18:23:31 UTC 2015


There is a simple Hotspot compiler change that improves the
Atomic*FieldUpdater performance by a large margin, and thus provides a
migration path with the eventual demise of sun.misc.Unsafe. Therefore,
I'd like us to consider this in 8u76 to expose users to this improvement
earlier than JDK 9 release. I am not a 8u Committer, so if the change is
approved, I'd need a sponsor.



JDK 9 Changeset:

JDK 9 Review:

The change was in jdk9/hs-comp for two weeks now, and a few days in

The patch applies automatically with a bit of the fuzz. jdk8u builds and
runs fine at least on Linux x86_64, the performance improvement is the
same as in JDK 9.


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