First batch of JEPs proposed to target JDK 9

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Aug 11 16:17:51 UTC 2014

The JDK 9 repositories have been open for bug fixes and small
enhancements for some time now.  Features for the release will be
proposed and tracked via the JEP Process [1] as amended by the JEP 2.0
proposal [2], which will shortly be folded into the main JEP process

Here are the JEPs currently proposed to target JDK 9:

  102: Process API Updates        
  143: Improve Contended Locking  
  197: Segmented Code Cache       
  198: Light-Weight JSON API      
  199: Smart Java Compilation, Phase Two
  201: Modular Source Code        

These JEPs will be targeted to JDK 9 unless reasoned objections are
raised by 19:00 UTC next Monday, 18 August.

(This information is also available on the JDK 9 Project Page [3]).

- Mark


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