JOSM feedback on Java 7,8,9, including Jigsaw EA

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Oct 30 17:02:26 UTC 2015

On 30/10/2015 15:29, Vincent Privat wrote:
> :
> Concerning Jigsaw:
> - We have reported 3 bugs. All made it to the public JIRA: 8138878, 
> 8140477, 8140481. The second one is a bit problematic for our tests as 
> it basically kills our Jenkins instance. I see the two other ones are 
> understood/in progress. We will do more tests after we resolve the 
> hanging problem.
JDK-8138878 seems to be JSOM hacking into private field in 
java.awt.Toolkit. It is possible to discuss the issue on awt-dev and 
i18n-dev to see if the changing locale scenario is meant to work?

We'll look into JDK-8140477. Note that there has been deadlocks 
involving instrumentation going back to JDK 5 (when java.lang.instrument 
was introduced). I don't know if this one is in that bucket but 
generally agents need to be take great care when instrumenting code 
defined to the ext and boot loader (because the agent's classes are 
defined by the app class loader).

JDK-8140481 seem to be the module missing from the JDK 9 
build, it may not be specific to the Jigsaw EA builds.

> :
> Concerning Valhalla:
> - I see some discussions about building the JDK with project Valhalla. 
> Are you going to provide public Early Access builds like project Jigsaw?
This is something to ask on valhalla-dev, it might be too early for that.


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