Review Request: 8178404: jlink --suggest-providers should list providers from observable modules

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Tue Apr 18 16:32:17 UTC 2017

> On Apr 18, 2017, at 7:35 AM, Alan Bateman <alan.bateman at> wrote:
> For the usage message then --suggest-providers might be simpler as "Suggest service providers that implement the given service type from the module path". The mention of `--add-modules` could confuse readers so I'd leave it out.
> In passing, --bind-services currently prints "Do full service binding" and maybe we should change that to something "Automaticall link in service provider modules and their dependences" or something that is clearer than the current text.

How about this:

diff --git a/src/jdk.jlink/share/classes/jdk/tools/jlink/resources/ b/src/jdk.jlink/share/classes/jdk/tools/jlink/resources/
--- a/src/jdk.jlink/share/classes/jdk/tools/jlink/resources/
+++ b/src/jdk.jlink/share/classes/jdk/tools/jlink/resources/
@@ -57,12 +57,12 @@
 \                                        if specified  
-\      --bind-services                   Do full service binding
+\      --bind-services                   Link in service provider modules and\n\
+\                                        their dependences
-\      --suggest-providers [<name>,...]  Suggest providers of services used by\n\
-\                                        the modules that would be linked, or\n\
-\                                        of the given service types
+\      --suggest-providers [<name>,...]  Suggest providers that implement the\n\
+\                                        given service types from the module path
 \      @<filename>                       Read options from file
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@
 warn.signing=WARNING: signed modular JAR {0} is currently not supported
 warn.invalid.arg=invalid classname or pathname not exist: {0}
 warn.split.package=package {0} defined in {1} {2} specified in --suggest-providers not used: {0}
+warn.provider.notfound=No provider found for service specified to --suggest-providers: {0}
 no.suggested.providers=--bind-services option is specified. No additional providers suggested.
 suggested.providers.header=Suggested providers

> Minor nit in L381 where the throw is indented too much, might be a tab.

Will fix before I push.


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