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Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu May 18 07:06:30 UTC 2017

On 18/05/2017 01:29, Gregg Wonderly wrote:

> I understand that you might feel this is an excessive rant.  But, practically I know of Java applications around the world which all use things like Spring.
Spring seems to be making great progress, here's a recent write-up from 
Juergen Hoeller:

>   I know of many others which are using reflection and all kinds of .setAccessible() behaviors to manage “serialization” and other tasks for foreign classes.  As someone who doesn’t use Java-EE or any other “well used” platform, but rather uses many things I created myself well before those things existed, I suspect that I will find breakage in my larger apps simply because of setAccessible() which I use for introspection in tools (via Introspector etc.) and other things (like serialization).
Java serialization works as before. Custom serialization libraries is a 
challenge of course as it is fundamentally incompatible with 
encapsulation. This is why sun.reflect.ReflectionFactory has not been 
encapsulation (see JEP 260) and furthermore extended to allow custom 
serialization libraries work with a modular platform. That support went 
into a JDK 8 update too.

> Maven seems to be something that the Jigsaw team had no real knowledge about.  It just suddenly introduced a flurry of conversation on the list as something that was unimportant for modularization and jar reference issues.   Another pointer to the lack of foresight the Jigsaw team seemed to have into the realities of how Java is actually used around the world.
We have been working with the Maven maintainers for a long time (since 
2015). Here's the wiki page that Robert Scholte, Hervé Boutemy, and 
others have been using the track status:

I also note a recent tweet from Robert, I can only guess that he's been 
asked a lot about this too.

> JavaFX wasn’t much of a concern here on the list for some time.  There was no conversation about anything regarding compatibility.  It’s supposed to be a big part of the evolution of the desktop environment, and you’d think that Oracle employees would be working together, across the company.  It’s that kind of neglect of the “impact” on the platform which makes me feel like everything about JigSaw is a closed room idea
I think this is insulting to Kevin Rushforth and others in the OpenJFX 
project that we have been working with to ensure that JavaFX works great 
on JDK 9. The JDK downloads have included a fully modularized JavaFX for 
over year.


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