JMH 1.35

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Mon Mar 28 13:34:51 UTC 2022


The maintenance release of JMH 1.35 is available at Maven Central.

The user-facing fixes include:

  *) SingleShot mode did not handle OperationsPerInvocations, which was not useful for bulk startup 
benchmarks, where you want to do N warmup operations at one "shot".
   7903100: JMH: SingleShot mode should handle OperationsPerInvocations > 1

  *) async-profiler became stricter with option handling, and it revealed that -prof async issues 
some options incorrectly. Fixed now, tested with both 1.x and 2.x async-profiler branches.
   7903125: JMH: async profiler uses wrong option for profiler output

  *) perfasm profiler now supports "freq=max" options to get the highest possible sampling frequency 
on the system. This is similar to "perf record -F max". Max frequency is useful for startup 
benchmarks, where the run time is small to get a reasonable number of samples until benchmark is over.
   7903109: JMH: perfasm "freq" should accept "max" as the option

  *) perfasm profiler now supports "showCounts=..." option to show the raw/normalized/percent event 
counts. Raw view is useful to ballpark the quantization errors. Normalized view is useful to compare 
two different perfasm runs.
   7903110: JMH: perfasm support for configurable event count normalization

  *) perfasm profiler now prints the actual method version number, not just compilation ID. This 
helps to clearly see if method is the first compiled version, or is the result of some sort of 
   7903092: JMH: Improve perfasm method metadata



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