Draft JPMS EDR specification

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Wed Jan 18 15:15:15 UTC 2017

2016/12/24 4:53:22 -0800, forax at univ-mlv.fr:
> Minor nit, in the VM spec part, section 2.1, the attribute
> ModuleVersion is mentioned while it has disappeared (the module
> version is now a field of the Module attribute).

Thanks.  I fixed that in the final version of the EDR that I sent to the
JCP, which has now been posted on jcp.org [1] but is more conveniently
available at http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mr/jigsaw/spec/ .

The EDR period ends in 30 days, on 17 February 2017.

> I will modify ASM next week to be in sync with the spec, i do not
> expect any problems.
> I still think that encoding a version for the requires inside the
> Module attribute is no[t] a good idea (cf my previous message).

I'll return to that thread shortly.

- Mark

[1] https://jcp.org/aboutJava/communityprocess/edr/jsr376/index.html

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