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Tue Jul 30 09:19:15 PDT 2013

First, please let me say that the build readme at (and in HG) is sorely lacking. Here's what I've learned on my own so far, from analyzing error messages and reading Defs.gmk:

- JAVAHELP_HOME, which usually points to the JavaHelp home directory (we'll call this $JavaHelp) and contains demos, doc, src, license, etc., actually must point to $JavaHelp/javahelp (which contains bin and lib). This is not clear on the readme.
- JUnit is NOT optional. jtreg won't "make" without it. Furthermore, JUNIT_JAR must point to junit.jar (which the readme does not say).
- TestNG is NOT optional. jtreg won't "make" without it. Furthermore, TESTNG_HOME must point to a directory containing LICENSE.txt (which does not exist for TestNG, so I had to invent one) and TESTNG_JAR must point to testng.jar. The readme doesn't indicate any of this.
- Ant is NOT optional. Unlike usual systems where ANT_HOME indicates where Ant lives, jtreg requires ANTHOME (which the readme does not say).

After this is where I hit the roadblock I cannot overcome:

There's some thing called "jcov" that is NOT optional. Worse, jcov, what it is, and where you can find/download it isn't indicated anywhere on the readme. I spent the last hour scouring Google for jcov. I've found plenty of references to jcov.jar in JDK source repositories and mirrors (and apparently it's supposed to contain classes in the package), but as far as I can tell jcov doesn't exist. I can't find it anywhere, and jtreg won't "make" without it. If JCOV_HOME doesn't exist, "make" looks in /java/re/jcov/2.0/promoted/latest/binaries/jcov_2.0/, but that certainly doesn't exist, and there's nothing anything like that underneath the home directories for my JDKs or JREs.

Can someone help me sort this out and point me to where I can download jcov?

And can someone update the readmes?


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