building jtreg, and running tests

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Wed Oct 30 18:41:55 PDT 2013

Spurred on by the recent discussions and contributions, I've pushed some 
more changes to the jtreg repo to make it easier to build, and even run 
most of the tests, on Windows.

(I still recommend using Linux instead, when that is an option.)

The cygwin world is definitely problematic, especially for running the 
jtreg tests, since cygwin presents a different view of the file system 
to the native Windows view seen by Java programs. The problems mostly 
show up in tests that check that output from jtreg, especially when 
using diff, grep, etc.  For the time being, I've disabled the tests in 
11 of the 70 test files in make/tests/*.gmk, meaning that the tests in 
the remaining 59 files all run successfully.

For what its worth, my setup is to have a cygwin symlink from /opt to 
C:/opt (i.e. /cygdrive/c/opt) which means that I can place all my 
dependencies in /opt//package///version/ and can then see them from both 
the cygwin world and the Windows world, without having to use 
path-munging utilities like cygpath all over the place.

I'm open to more direct support of /cygdrive paths in the build, and 
wonder if folk have any good tips and tricks for minimising the 
obtrusiveness of the conversion functions in the composite world of GNU 
make and cygwin, such that the resulting code runs on Cygwin and POSIX 

-- Jon

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