building jtreg, and running tests

Francis ANDRE francis.andre.kampbell at
Thu Oct 31 13:27:36 PDT 2013

Hi Jon

I run all the jdk8 test on WXP/Cygwin with your latest version of jtreg and 
found this problem:

reg/build/images/jtreg/win32/bin/jtreg -J-Xmx512m -vmoption:-Xmx768m   -a 
-ignore:quiet -v:fail,e
rror,nopass -r:Z:/JDK/jdk8/LANGTO~1/build/WINDOW~1/test/LANGTO~1/jtreg/JTreport
dk8/build/windows-x86-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image -agentvm 
             . || ( status=$?; if [ $status -ge 3 ]; then exit $status ; fi 
;     echo $status > Z:/
JDK/jdk8/LANGTO~1/build/WINDOW~1/test/LANGTO~1/jtreg/status.txt )
Error: JDK not found: 

The error JDK not found is coming from the replacement of the / by \ in the 
JT_JAVA environment variable. In effect, the cygwin path should be with "/" and 
not "\"... -- I know, it is a nightmare --...hopefully,we will beat it!


Le 31/10/2013 02:41, Jonathan Gibbons a écrit :
> Spurred on by the recent discussions and contributions, I've pushed some more 
> changes to the jtreg repo to make it easier to build, and even run most of the 
> tests, on Windows.
> (I still recommend using Linux instead, when that is an option.)
> The cygwin world is definitely problematic, especially for running the jtreg 
> tests, since cygwin presents a different view of the file system to the native 
> Windows view seen by Java programs. The problems mostly show up in tests that 
> check that output from jtreg, especially when using diff, grep, etc.  For the 
> time being, I've disabled the tests in 11 of the 70 test files in 
> make/tests/*.gmk, meaning that the tests in the remaining 59 files all run 
> successfully.
> For what its worth, my setup is to have a cygwin symlink from /opt to C:/opt 
> (i.e. /cygdrive/c/opt) which means that I can place all my dependencies in 
> /opt//package///version/ and can then see them from both the cygwin world and 
> the Windows world, without having to use path-munging utilities like cygpath 
> all over the place.
> I'm open to more direct support of /cygdrive paths in the build, and wonder if 
> folk have any good tips and tricks for minimising the obtrusiveness of the 
> conversion functions in the composite world of GNU make and cygwin, such that 
> the resulting code runs on Cygwin and POSIX systems.
> -- Jon

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