Still plagued by "Agent communication error"

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Aug 14 06:49:12 UTC 2019

On 13/08/2019 23:39, Martin Buchholz wrote:
> We continue to see rare "Agent communication error" problems when 
> running jtreg tests.
> We believe something has gone wrong in the JDK under test, but we 
> never get any details.
> The failure is correlated with running specific tests, and specific JDKs.
> Anecdotally, it appears to be more common with fastdebug JDKs.
> A sample snippet:
> TEST RESULT: Error. Agent communication error: 
> Broken pipe (Write failed); check console 
> log for any additional details
Are the agent VMs crashing? Maybe the fastdebug builds are hitting 
asserts earlier than the crash with product bits. Have you looked at 
hs_err logs or core files on the systems?


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