Virtual extension methods -- a strawman design

Rémi Forax forax at
Fri May 14 17:14:40 PDT 2010

Le 15/05/2010 01:16, Brian Goetz a écrit :
> The attached document reflects our current thinking in the area of 
> extension methods, which was introduced in section 8 of the Strawman 
> proposal.  This document (arguably) improves on the static extension 
> method scheme presented there.
> Comments on the technical merits and flaws of the scheme are welcome 
> (there are lots of details to be fleshed out, of course.)  Comparisons 
> to the previous (static) extension method scheme outlined in the 
> strawman are also fair game.
> Comments to the effect of "I like XYZ other scheme better" are not.  
> (Where XYZ could be use-site extension methods, traits, mixins, etc.  
> Those have already been considered and rejected as viable approaches 
> for Project Lambda.)

Hi Brian,
It's good to know that your are working on lambdas.

It seems that your attachment was crunched by the mailing list cerberus.


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