Simple Reactive Extension Style Support in Streams

David Hartveld david at
Wed Apr 17 10:11:15 PDT 2013

There are several initiatives to 'port' some form of reactive extensions to
Java. Netflix's is probably the most promising. It's open source, available
at: Still under heavy development and
feature-incomplete, but also used in production at Netflix (see their
techblog, they posted a few blogs in January and February).

As for the possibility of basing a reactive stream library on the Stream
API: The Stream API can be compared with LINQ to objects, or IEnumerable
and its extension methods. These compare quite well in terms of general use
- however, there are also technical differences (there is a complete query
expression tree model underlying LINQ in general, and these are reusable
which streams definitely are not).
Rx is LINQ to events, or IObservable & friends, which behave differently,
and have radically different contracts. However, the Stream interface
provides many 'query' methods which are applicable in both APIs (filter,
map, reduce, flatMap, sorted, any/all/noneMatch, etc.). But, it also has
several methods which do not make sense for reactive programming (parallel,
sequential, unordered, perhaps even forEach, just to name a few).

I have been experimenting with an Observable<T> extends Stream<T> in
combination with Swing. Take a look at these two projects:
Note that in the end, Observable<T> would not extend Stream<T> any more, as
Observables now also have to implement the nonsensical methods.

Finally, I have started to prototype a universal Queryable<T> interface,
which would provide the basic operators (methods) that would apply to both
an Iterable and an Observer here:

But if your question is whether JDK 8 will provide anything like Rx, I can
predict with confidence that it will not, because it is out of scope for
the Stream API (remember, it is just Iterable/Enumerable) and, more
importantly, it would delay the release of JDK 8 significantly. Something
for the future, perhaps...


On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 4:47 AM, Olexandr Demura <
oleksander.demura at> wrote:

> For me, mere java user ignorant of outside world,
> it looks like streams already designed to be used pretty much similarly to
> Rx style
> (w/o publish to observers and exceptions handling)
> simple name substitution:
> Select -> map
> ManySelect -> flatMap
> Where -> filter
> Aggregate -> reduce
> Run -> forEach
> ForkJoin -> parallelStream
> Since streams are read-once, they should not use notifications and events,
> but reactive style libraries should consider implementing (Base-)Stream
> to be generally accepted in java 8 world,
> just like project states it will.
> Did I miss something?
> 2013/4/16 Suminda Dharmasena <sirinath at>
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is it possible to follow through with infinite streams and add helper
> > classes for (.net) reactive extensions style usage.
> >

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