No JavaFX for iOS, Android or WP - why not?

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Tue Oct 9 10:28:37 PDT 2012

> It's blatantly clear that Java developers *crave* JavaFX on mobiles and yet
> Oracle are waiting for clear commercial interest to justify such support?
> As has been pointed out several times, JavaFX cannot be considered a success
> if it is limited to the scope of the desktop and perhaps some embedded
> devices.  Many predict that the PC in its current form will largely
> disappear in the next 5 years so where would that leave JavaFX?
> Java developers are largely passionate about their language and do not want
> to learn Objective C or C# or whatever language is required on each device.
> In my opinion, being able to code in Java and deploy to Windows, Linux,
> MacOS, iOS, Android, Metro etc. could propel JavaFX to amazing heights as
> the best platform for client side software development on the planet.
> Please Oracle, don't miss this enormous opportunity!  What do we have to do
> to convince you that this REALLY IS A GOOD IDEA?

The anger and passion exhibited on this thread is very gratifying and very helpful.
Even more helpful would be to funnel as many developers to me as you find that
have a demand for FX on smartphones and tablets. You'll not find more passionate
partisans for JavaFX than here in the Java group. Being able to demonstrate
industry demand and commitment is what we need. Of course, when JavaFX is
open sourced (as Hasan announced at JavaOne we will complete shortly), then
of course anybody could do a port to iOS / Android. The question isn't about whether
or not JavaFX will be on smart phones -- it will be. The question is who is funding
it and who is supporting it. Of course many of us feel that supporting iOS and
Android is at least as important as Windows and Mac. However, it is hard to fault
the guys paying the bills for asking for some evidence of that viewpoint. Customers
beating on our doors demanding support for FX on these devices is exactly that

But in any case, this is an open source project, and regardless of whether Oracle
foots the bill, I have no doubt that FX will be on iOS, Android, and Windows Metro.
If you'd like to help, funnel your demands and use cases to me (and they have all
the more weight when there is a real commercial demand behind them)!


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