TestNG build failing with JDK9 Jigsaw due to Gradle

Rory O'Donnell rory.odonnell at oracle.com
Mon Nov 2 08:51:32 UTC 2015

I can't find a bug in Gradle's JIRA on this issue, Mani do you want to 
log an issue there ?


On 31/10/2015 13:56, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 31/10/2015 12:50, Mani Sarkar wrote:
>> Hi Rory,
>> Do you know of a version of Gradle or a EA version which is JDK 9 
>> Jigsaw compatible, we get these failures when building:
>> https://adopt-openjdk.ci.cloudbees.com/view/Quality%20Outreach/job/TestNG-Jigsaw/5/console 
> Caused by: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: class 
> org.gradle.internal.reflect.DirectInstantiator cannot access class 
> com.sun.tools.javac.api.JavacTool (in module jdk.compiler) because 
> module jdk.compiler does not export package com.sun.tools.javac.api to 
> <unnamed module @b7f23d9>
>     at 
> org.gradle.internal.reflect.DirectInstantiator.newInstance(DirectInstantiator.java:49)
>     ... 86 more
> We should at least check if there is a bug in the Gradle JIRA for 
> this. It can be worked around by configuring the compileJava options 
> to fork javac but you might not want to do that.
> The other issue with Gradle that we know about is the 
> ClassCastException when attempting to run tests, this is tracked here:
>     https://issues.gradle.org/browse/GRADLE-3287
> -Alan.

Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA , Dublin, Ireland

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