Backports to jdk11u and jdk17u

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In fact, there were some discussions before on the list about the backporting work [1].
AFAIK, developers from Huawei already have workable versions of jdk11u & jdk17u on Linux/RISCV platform.
So I guess the rest of the work should be upstreaming. I think Yadong Wang from Huawei should have more details about that?

Regarding backports to jdk8u, I also wonder whether users are interested to deploy jdk8u on riscv.
Xiang Zhang from ISCAS (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences) is currently working on backporting to jdk8u
and has achieved some progress. But let me try to get the people involved in this discussion and see. 



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  As we are seeing more and more adoption of RISC-V, there is a growing need for users to have access to more versions of Java available on RISC-V. Many organizations are still using Java 11 and Java 17 in production and it would be great to have RISC-V support available for them too. This would allow them to take advantage of the benefits that RISC-V offers by making their codebase more portable.   
  Taking a similar approach to AArch64 backports to JDK8u [1], we would want to create the openjdk/riscv-port-jdk11u and openjdk/riscv-port-jdk17u repositories on GitHub. Additionally, we can work with the maintainers of the JDK 11u [2] and JDK 17u [3] projects to ensure there is a possible path to getting it merged.  
  Some questions which I'm not sure about yet:  
  - Is there a need to backport to JDK 8u?  
  - What is the engineering cost of the divergence between JDK8u and JDK head for the backporting effort?  
  Looking forward to your feedback,  
  Thank you,  

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