Backports to jdk11u and jdk17u

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Mon Jan 16 13:33:24 UTC 2023

I'm Xiang Zhang from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I'm backporting jdk8u for RISC-V support. Here is my development repository:
The current branch for template interpreter backporting is:
As far as the current progress is concerned, the interpreter has been successfully ported.
For example, I can successfully run "Hello World" under -Xint.
I am currently testing benchmark workloads like dacapo and SPECjvm2008. 
My next step is to backport C1&C2 and I'm debugging related code for porting C1&C2.

Thank you,
Xiang Zhang

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> Hi,
> In fact, there were some discussions before on the list about the backporting work [1].
> AFAIK, developers from Huawei already have workable versions of jdk11u & jdk17u on Linux/RISCV platform.
> So I guess the rest of the work should be upstreaming. I think Yadong Wang from Huawei should have more details about that?
> Regarding backports to jdk8u, I also wonder whether users are interested to deploy jdk8u on riscv.
> Xiang Zhang from ISCAS (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences) is currently working on backporting to jdk8u
> and has achieved some progress. But let me try to get the people involved in this discussion and see. 
> Thanks,
> Fei
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> Hello,  
>   As we are seeing more and more adoption of RISC-V, there is a growing need for users to have access to more versions of Java available on RISC-V. Many organizations are still using Java 11 and Java 17 in production and it would be great to have RISC-V support available for them too. This would allow them to take advantage of the benefits that RISC-V offers by making their codebase more portable.   
>   Taking a similar approach to AArch64 backports to JDK8u [1], we would want to create the openjdk/riscv-port-jdk11u and openjdk/riscv-port-jdk17u repositories on GitHub. Additionally, we can work with the maintainers of the JDK 11u [2] and JDK 17u [3] projects to ensure there is a possible path to getting it merged.  
>   Some questions which I'm not sure about yet:  
>   - Is there a need to backport to JDK 8u?  
>   - What is the engineering cost of the divergence between JDK8u and JDK head for the backporting effort?  
>   Looking forward to your feedback,  
>   Thank you,  
>   Ludovic  
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>   [2]   
>   [3]
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