The building document about RISC-V

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> Subject: The building document about RISC-V
>  Hi all,   
>    I noticed there is no content about the risc-v port in the building document [1].   
>    And the link [2] in the wiki, which may be related to the building,   
>    can't be opened now (it returns 404 status code).   

I guess there might be an issue on the server side. I cannot even access:

>    So it is good to add the risc-v content into the building document.   
>    Has somebody started the work locally? Or does someone intend to do that?   
>    If not, I can provide a patch.   

That's definitely a welcome :-)

>    Best Regards,   
>    -- Guoxiong   
>    [1]    
>    [2]    
>    [3]

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