[security-dev 00006]: Re: bug tracking

Andreas Sterbenz Andreas.Sterbenz at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 12 11:19:10 PDT 2007

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> - Crypto algorithms/provider missing
>   The crypto framework is in place, but there is no default provider and
>   jre/lib/security/java.security doesn't contain any. We should add the
>   rest of GNU Classpath/Crypto provider to get all mandated algorithms.
>   Simple testcase: javax.crypto.Cipher.getInstance("DES");

FYI, we are in the process of making the JCE framework and all the Sun 
crypto providers available as part of the regular OpenJDK source base. I 
don't have an ETA, but hopefully this will not take a too long.


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