[security-dev 00017]: Re: Crypto has been added to OpenJDK

Janet Koenig Janet.Koenig at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 27 16:28:35 PDT 2007

That's great news!  I know this has been a big challenge so thanks for 
continuing to drive this and making it happen!

Brad Wetmore wrote:
> News from the encumbrance-removal front:
> For those who have already downloaded B21 from openjdk.java.net, you 
> might have already noticed some new code.  We have just added the 
> cryptographic code (aka JCE) to the OpenJDK source tree.  This 
> includes the framework (javax.crypto and friends), the SunJCE 
> provider, and the crypto portions of the SunPKCS11 and SunMSCAPI 
> providers.
> The OpenJDK framework does not restrict which cryptographic providers 
> can be used.  That will not be appropriate for all situations, so let 
> me stress:
>     Compliance with United States export controls and with local law
>     governing the import/export of products incorporating the JCE in the
>     OpenJDK is the responsibility of the licensee.
> We (Sun) can not give legal guidance on this issue, so please consult 
> a qualified attorney who specializes in import/export issues.
> Thanks for your patience during the removal of this encumbrance.
> Thanks,
> Brad

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