[security-dev 00018]: Re: Crypto has been added to OpenJDK

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 28 09:21:14 PDT 2007

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Janet Koenig wrote:
>> That's great news!  I know this has been a big challenge so thanks for
>> continuing to drive this and making it happen!
>> Regards,
>> Janet
> Thanks from over here, too.

You're welcome.  It was a...challenge, as Janet said.  :)

> No blog on planetjdk.org on it yet? ;)

I've yet to create a blog.  It's been on my to-do list for far too long. 
  I would probably end up blogging about my outside pursuits, which 
might be boring unless you like marching bands, travel, or pyrotechnics 
(not the internal politics kind, but the ones in the sky).  ;)

I should really create one, I've got a couple topics that you might be 
interested in from the internal perspective.  I'm one of several 
gatekeepers, so I started writing a couple ideas down about how our 
internal "gatekeeper" process works, and the overall process of getting 
fixes into OpenJDK while making sure the quality stays up.  The quality 
*HAS* to stay up, as people will be betting their businesses (or have 
already) on the code all of us will be developing.  Coding in this 
project is an awesome responsibility, and one that is sometime lost by 
people who just want to "play with something."

Anyway, this quality perspective is "common knowledge" to us 
gatekeepers, so it might be worth sharing details about what really goes 
on in the trenches.  It is probably a good topic for a blog rather than 
this email, so maybe I'll get off my duff and do it soon.

Oh, and how the coming switch to Mercurial will rock our internal world. 
  So many build/test scripts to update.


P.S.  When I had gatekeeper duty years ago, if someone "broke the 
build," I would hang a hangman's noose made from an power cord over 
their office doorway.  You didn't want the noose, because everyone knew 
what it meant without saying anything.  I haven't quite figured out how 
to do a virtual noose, so please, just don't "break the build."  ;)

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