[security-dev 00441]: JMX instrumentation points for security?

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 4 16:36:07 PST 2008

In the last few weeks, I've been chasing an ugly native resource 
exhaustion issue, and was able to make use of some of the JMX 
instrumentation in areas like NIO.

For example, run a recent jconsole and connect to a JDK7 JVM.  Go to the 
MBeans tab, then open something like java.nio->BufferPool->Attributes. 
You can see the amount of buffer/memory use (double click on the number 
to go to a chart view).

Is there some data that would be useful to display here?  Most of our 
process-related stuff we're dumping is controlled by the System 
Properties (javax.net.debug/java.security.debug), and I can't really 
think of anything obvious at the system level.  Installed/active JCA 
security providers maybe?

Anyone have any ideas to propose?


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