[security-dev 00473]: Re: hg: jdk7/tl/jdk: 6642323: Speeding up Single Byte Decoders; ...

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 19 09:03:55 PST 2008

If you want to see the source change now, check out the changeset:


This change will not be seen immediately in the JDK7 snapshot source and 
binaries.  As you may know, we use a series of subgates to make 
development and testing easier, and to prevent breakage in one area from 
seriously impacting everyone in unrelated areas.

For way too much info:


To your question, this change was just putback into the TL gate. 
Generally, changes from the TL gate a putback migrate in the MASTER gate 
once every two weeks.  This follows roughly a week of testing by our 
quality team.  Our release engineering then does builds every two weeks. 
  So depending on where we in are in the TL and RE cycles when the 
engineer does his/her putback, it could be 1 week to 1 month before the 
change appears at:


The integration and build schedule is at:


The holiday isn't helping!  ;)

So I'm guessing it will be available in b44 around 22 Jan 09, assuming 
TL integrates and there are no hiccups.

Hope this helps.


Ulf Zibis wrote:
> Hi Sherman,
> where can I get information, if this changeset is included in JDK7 
> snapshot source bundle + snapshot binaries?
> Regards,
> Ulf
> Am 10.12.2008 23:10, xueming.shen at sun.com schrieb:
>> Changeset: b89ba9a6d9a6
>> Author:    sherman
>> Date:      2008-12-10 14:03 -0800
>> URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/tl/jdk/rev/b89ba9a6d9a6
>> 6642323: Speeding up Single Byte Decoders
>> 6642328: Speeding up Single Byte Encoders
>> Summary: re-implementation of mapping based sbcs charts
>> Reviewed-by: alanb

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