[security-dev 00046]: ECC (was Re: LSA ticket question)

Max (Weijun) Wang Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 14 06:04:36 PST 2008

Hi Deepak

The ECC has an interface but no Java implementation in Java 6.  
However, you can use ECC through a PKCS11 native provider. Read  
Andreas' blog at
(also read the "here and here" links in the article)

A 100% Java implementation should be available in JDK 7.


On Jan 14, 2008, at 9:59 PM, deepak sahu wrote:

> hi friends
> Do u find ECC implemented completely in jdk6?
> if yes,plz help me find it out.i.e ource file
> On 1/14/08, Max (Weijun) Wang <Weijun.Wang at sun.com> wrote:
>> Hi Andrew
>> Want to confirm something with you: There are some kinds of Kerberos
>> tickets inside the LSA cache that you can never get the encoded form,
>> right?
>> I've seen a ticket in kerbtray.exe that's flagged FORWARDED, but
>> never find out how to get its encoded form, therefore cannot use it
>> in Java.
>> Thanks
>> Max

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