[security-dev 00054]: Addition to the jdk

Sean Godsell sgodsell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 10:26:05 PST 2008

Hello openjdk people,

I have a patch that can enhance Java in a number of areas.  The following is a list of enhancements:
    - Overwrite and lock users file paths to a specific base path
    - All temporary files can automatically be created in the base path
    - You can limit the amount of storage being used in a path or file
    - You can limit the # of file and directories being created in path
    - You can make any path read only or read/write
    - You can allow or deny whether libraries can be loaded from a path.
    - You can allow or deny whether native methods can be used from a path.
    - You can have multiple paths to allow users to read or write to with different
       limiting storage and or # or files and directories.
    - You can limit the number of threads and thread priority.
    - You can limit the maximum # of windows being created.
    - You can allow or deny hosts and ports being used.
    - You can allow or deny execution of runtime process.
    - You can limit the amount of socket traffic throughput in bytes per second
    - All items can be controlled in a simple properties file

Now I know a security manager could do a few of the items listed, but with this update you can still use the security manager.  There are a few other things, but in order to get a complete view and the source code go to the following site:

Sean Godsell


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