[security-dev 00131]: JSN Integration deadline at 3pm

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 31 12:35:43 PDT 2008

We're still assessing if I will do a JSN integration this week, but if 
so, I'll take my snapshot at soon and start the ball rolling.  There are 
some PKCS11 changes that are causing some JCK and test failures, and 
need investigation for impact before we integrate in TL/MASTER.

If there are any other expected putbacks, please let me know now.

I still have some RE build issues to take care of for the RE builds of 
the closed portion of the JDK.  The pre-built providers for jce.jar and 
sunjce_provider.jar are out of date from the source.

Still working on that.


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