[security-dev 00425]: Re: NullPointerException at sun.security.ssl.OutputRecord.writeBuffer

Kanatoko anvil at jumperz.net
Sun Nov 23 06:08:13 PST 2008


> We have the fix ready and are trying to get it into 6u12, due out in 
> early 2009, and of course it will go into JDK7.

That is great. Thank you.

> In JSSE, you can layer a SSLSocket over an existing Socket.  That will
> avoid SSLServerSocket creating the dummy Socket that is eventually
> leaking the file descriptors.
> So do something like this:
> // Create and initialize a SSLContext, from which you obtain a
> // SSLSocketFactory, sslssf
> ServerSocket ss = new ServerSocket(port);
> Socket s = ss.accept();
> sslssf.createSocket(s, s.getInetAddress().getHostName(),
>      s.getPort(), false);
> Hope this helps.

I think it does not wok. Because SSLSocketFactory.createSocket() can be
used at the client side.

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