[security-dev 00749]: Code review request: Undefined requesting URL in "java.net.Authenticator.getPasswordAuthentication()"

Weijun Wang Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM
Sun Apr 12 19:27:29 PDT 2009

Hi Valerie and Networking guys

Please take a review at this bug fix:

The bug is

The bug report says that no URL-related info is available in
Authenticator when using HTTP/Negotiate. The reason is that in the long
stack of

   HTTP/Negotiate -> JGSS -> JAAS -> Krb5LoginModule
       -> Callback -> Authenticator

The URL info is lost. In order to support special actions for
HTTP/Negotiate calls in JGSS (say, using Authenticator instead of
text-based callback, honor the OK-AS-DELEGATE flag...), we already used
an integer field (caller) to tell the codes deep below who initiates the
JGSS calls. It seems an integer is not enough to carry too much
information. (oh, I love the C void*)

The fix is simple: change the caller from integer to a Java class:
GSSCaller, which includes as much as info it likes. For HTTP/Negotiate,
a child class HttpCaller, encapsulates all info an Authenticator needs.

The fix includes three parts:

1. Three new classes:

       the new caller
       a child of GSSCaller, knows everything about HTTP
       the info GSSCaller knows, this class is created on the
       network side so that no sun.security.jgss.* codes are
       dragged into the bootstrap building process.

2. On the network side:

   Refactoring HTTP codes in sun.net.www.protocol.http.* to fill info
   into the HttpCallerInfo class.

3. On the JGSS side:

   Multiple changes in sun.security.jgss.* classes. *All* the
   code changes are simply s/int/GSSCaller/g changes.
   I also moved the pre-defined callers from GSSUtil to


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