[security-dev 01216]: Re: <AWT Dev> 6854954: Eliminate static dependency on java.awt.AWTPermission

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Wed Sep 16 09:21:48 PDT 2009

Anthony Petrov wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> To contribute a little to the small nit picking process :) :
> 1. src/share/classes/javax/swing/JPopupMenu.java
> Line 415 might be realigned to keep standard indentation.
> 2. The copyright notices might be updated to indicate that 2009 is the 
> year of last modification of the files.
> The rest looks good. Please consider that approved by the AWT team.
Thanks (and thanks Sean and Mandy). I'll fix the alignment in JPopupMenu 
(it pre-dates my proposed change of course). I could update the date 
range in the header but I don't think we have to do that (I'm pretty 
sure Xiomara runs a script that periodically updates these).


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