[security-dev 01563]: Subject lines in security-dev.

Brad Wetmore Bradford.Wetmore at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 26 12:15:52 PST 2010

Looking for opinions as to whether the current subject line format of
the security-dev at o.j.n emails is useful:

    Subject: [security-dev 01800]: The Real subject.

I note a lot of the client (e.g. sounds, swing) lists have just the list
name, and a lot of the server lists (e.g. tl, hotspot) don't have
either.  security-dev is the only one doing both the list name and the
message number.  It's not as useful as I originally thought when I
configured it, but I could be talked into it either way.

If you have an opinion, especially for keeping it the same, let me know
privately, no need to clutter everyone's email.  But I'm thinking I may
just remove the topic/number.  If I see a clear/obvious preference for
keeping one or both, I'll certainly take that into consideration.

security-dev admin

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