code review request: 6973371: X509Factory should recognize PEM headers

Weijun Wang Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 29 23:39:27 PDT 2010

Hi Sean

6973371: X509Factory should recognize PEM headers

Please review the webrev:

There is one place I haven't touched, generateCertPath. PKCS #7 PEM 
block should begin with -----BEGIN PKCS7-----, or as described in [1], 
with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----. But what about a PKIPATH data block?


=== *Description* 
Currently, when X509Factory tries to read certificate or CRL from a PEM 
file, it simply finds a block starting with "-----BEGIN STH-----" and 
ending with "-----END STH-----", and does not care what this STH is at all.

There are third-party tools that generates a PEM file containing 
different kinds of PEM blocks. For example, "openssl pkcs12" can read in 
a PKCS #12 file and output private key and certficates into a single PEM 
file. If we want Java to read certificates from this file, we must take 
care to remove any private key block first. This is quite troublesome.

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