2nd round code review request: 7055363: jdk_security3 cleanup

Xuelei Fan xuelei.fan at oracle.com
Wed Aug 3 21:05:49 PDT 2011

> - JSSE tests, Xuelei is working on them
It may be a bad news for the purpose to quicken the testing run time.
Most of the JSSE test may not be able to under samevm/agentvm mode.

1. JSSE does not support dynamic system properties
   For performance tuning and synchronization, JSSE does not support
dynamic system properties of:

   The JSSE default implementation will use these properties when
initializing the static objects, and then any changes to these
properties will be ignored in the same VM.

   There are around 90 of all 170+ JSSE regression tests depends on
system properties.

2. JSSE caches TLS sessions, as will result in unexpected reuse of TLS
sessions in samevm/agentvm mode.
   There are a lot of tests using the default SSL/TLS context, which
will the same TLS session cache.

There are only a very very few tests could be updated to run in samevm
mode. Because samevm-safe in JSSE tests will result in unnecessary
complex, and the performance improvement is very little, I would suggest
tun all JSSE tests at othervm mode.

What do you think?

Max, if we can get an agree, would you please update the Makefile to run
JSSE in othervm mode  in your fix? So that we don't have to fill a new CR.


On 8/2/2011 3:02 PM, Weijun Wang wrote:
> Hi All
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~weijun/7055363/webrev.01/
> *Attention*: please note that the jtreg mode for jdk_security3 is still
> RunOthervmBatch. Xuelei is now working on the JSSE tests. Once he is
> ready, he will change the mode to RunSamevmBatch.
> The code changes:
> * Still included in test/ProblemList.txt
> - JSSE tests, Xuelei is working on them
> - ec tests on solaris-i586, they fail even if run standalone
> * PKCS11/EC tests:
> - New Providers.setAt, to ensure provider is added to desired position:
>     test/sun/security/pkcs11/ec/*
> - PKCS11Test.safeReload, to ensure shared library can be loaded again:
>     test/sun/security/pkcs11/PKCS11Test.java
>     test/sun/security/pkcs11/SecmodTest.java
> - Test using config files need to run in othervm:
>     test/sun/security/pkcs11/Secmod/*
>     test/sun/security/pkcs11/fips/*
> - Restoring provider lists:
>     test/sun/security/ec/TestEC.java
>     test/sun/security/pkcs11/PKCS11Test.java
> * Try-with-resources updates:
> - test/com/sun/security/auth/login/ConfigFile/IllegalURL.java
> - test/sun/security/pkcs12/PKCS12SameKeyId.java
> - test/sun/security/tools/keytool/StartDateTest.java
> * Other tests still need to be in -othervm:
>   Using special policy file:
>     test/sun/security/provider/PolicyFile/Comparator.java
>   AlgorithmId static field oidTable initialization:
>     test/sun/security/x509/AlgorithmId/ExtensibleAlgorithmId.java
> * JAAS configuration restore:
> - test/javax/security/auth/login/LoginContext/ResetConfigModule.java
> * Use "localhost" as hostname, to make name resolution fast
> - test/sun/security/jgss/spnego/NoSpnegoAsDefMech.java
> After these changes, JPRT test run (with RunSamevmBatch and no JSSE
> tests) shows most tests are OK. There are still intermittent failures
> which are PKCS11/EC provider related.
> Thanks
> Max

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