code review request: 7054428: test/java/security/SecureClassLoader/ error

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Jun 15 04:26:31 PDT 2011

Weijun Wang wrote:
> But the current test passes without closing the stream, even on 
> Windows. I guess it's because the file opened is not in scratch 
> directory and needs not be cleaned up.
> If we have to close the stream/channel, it seems the references need 
> to saved in DummyClassLoader's static fields and cleaned up in another 
> static method called in a finally clause of the test's main method.
> The reason the original test failed in samevm is that 
> buffers[DIRECT_BUFFER].flip() is not called and its remaining() is 
> zero, and causes the error:
>   java.lang.ClassFormatError: Truncated class file
You are right, the file is the test.src directory and so isn't subject 
to the clean-up. In that case I'm okay with the proposed changes. I do 
think we should still close the FileChannel in readClassFile. Once a 
file mapping is created then the FileChannel can be closed and this 
would help avoid open file descriptors building up - this can happen 
when running hunreds of tests in the same VM.


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