Algorithm Names - registry?

Michael StJohns mstjohns at
Mon Nov 28 10:30:45 PST 2011

One of the items that seems terribly out of date is the "Standard Names" list.  Also, sometimes its difficult to tell which algorithm - specifically - the name applies to.

I'm wondering if it isn't time to create something like a Wiki for name registration and - for example - let the folks building the various JCE providers add or propose names.  I mention this because I'm finding it tiresome looking through the BouncyCastle source code each time I need to find an algorithm name not on the list.

I would suggest as data elements:

Primary name, Optional secondary names; Object Identifier (if any); Applicable JCE class (e.g. Cipher, MessageDigest, etc), Primary standard (e.g. RFCXXXX, ISOXXXX - section yy, option zzz); Alternate standards (for example ECDSA is referenced in SECG, NIST, ANSI etc); clarifying comments (e.g. "Use IvAlgorithmParameter with this").

Continuing this thought - the Javacard algorithm identifiers could also be included in this table.  


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