Fix for: 6415637: PKCS#12 key stores with empty passwords

Florian Weimer fweimer at
Tue Jan 31 05:47:59 PST 2012

I've ported my previous patch to fix bug 6415637 to the current jdk8-tl

There are two related changes (quoting from the initial submission):

1. The password and salt expansion resulted in a division by zero for
   empty password strings.

2. Practically speaking, there are two different ways of deriving keys
   from an empty passphrase: the terminating NUL character is required
   by the specification, but is left out by some implementations
   (including OpenJDK if the first bug is fixed).  OpenSSL tries to
   decrypt with both encodings, and the patch implements that as well.
   It is difficult to properly implement the retry behavior without
   changing any interfaces, so this patch uses "\0" for the password
   *without* a NUL terminator.  This is a bit confusing, but it ensures
   that passing an empty string as the password creates a PKCS#12 store
   which is compliant with the specification.

Because of the division of zero issue, the second change does not
actually modify visible behavior.

To my knowledge, there is now an OCA which covers this change.

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