Review request (Resend) - bug 7147060 com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/transforms/ doesn't run in agentvm mode

Eric Wang at
Wed Jul 18 01:48:32 PDT 2012

Hi Sean,

I'd like to withdraw my fix as there are some concerns about bug 6461674 
<> which is verified by (Thanks Max for good suggestions):

The bug 6461674 is caused by classes cannot be found in current 
classloader by calling Class.forName(), so the fix of 6461674 is to 
replace Class.forName() to 
Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader(), however, it looks the 
bug 7147060 <> is 
negative case of 6461674 that classes can be found in current 
ClassLoader but cannot be found in thread context ClassLoader because in 
jtreg agentvm mode, the thread context ClassLoader is parent of current 

so the concern is whether the fix of 6461674 is completed as it looks 
that it produced the side effect.

On 2012/7/18 15:05, Eric Wang wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> As i haven't get the author role, I share webrev to group by using 
> dropbox, Can you please help to review it? Thanks!
> Regards,
> Eric
> On 2012/7/9 16:13, Eric Wang wrote:
>> Hi Sean,
>> Looks that security-dev alias rejected my previous mail as i was not 
>> the member of it. so I resent this fix again.
>> Can you please help to review? Thanks!
>> Eric

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