code review request: 7152176: More krb5 tests

Weijun Wang at
Thu Mar 8 21:39:59 PST 2012

Hi Valerie

This code change is only inside jdk/test/:
     the simplest test I can use as skeleton later.
     make sure the JGSS-without-JAAS programming style works
     make sure that each entry in a single JAAS config file can have its 
own keytab property
     Updated to support JGSS without JAAS
     Updated to support, so that you can create a keytab 
with only selected key(s).


-------- Original Message --------
*Change Request ID*: 7152176
*Synopsis*: More krb5 tests

=== *Description* 
Add several krb5 tests.

- Basic: as the skeleton for future tests
- GSS: confirm JGSS-without-JAAS programming
- TwoTab: confirm that each entry in one JAAS config can have its own ktab

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