[7u4] Request for approval for CR 7088989 - Improve the performance for T4 by utilizing the newly provided crypto APIs

Valerie (Yu-Ching) Peng valerie.peng at oracle.com
Thu Mar 15 17:28:54 PDT 2012

Forgot to mention that I could move the tests out of OpenJDK if that'd 
help things .
And all will be done following the 7u public review process. ;)

On 03/15/12 17:14, Valerie (Yu-Ching) Peng wrote:
> On 03/15/12 16:29, Andrew Hughes wrote:
>>>> 2.  Was there a reason the testcases in this commit were locked
>>>> down
>>>> to only work with the proprietary ucrypto provider?  Are they not
>>>> suitable for all providers?
>>>> They would be very useful for testing the SunPKCS11/NSS provider.
>>> That's a question better suited for the security-dev at openjdk list.
>> CCed.  As I said, I would have posted here first, if there had been a 
>> public review
>> of the patch to begin with.  There wasn't.
> The tests can be adapted to The testcases can be adapted to test other 
> providers. But since they are meant for Ucrypto provider, I coded them 
> to explicitly test against Ucrypto provider. Well, I thought some 
> people may want to run these tests if their build (or JDK releases) 
> contains Ucrypto provider. If build doesn't have Ucrypto provider, the 
> tests will silently pass, not affecting the overall result.
> Let me apologize again for accidentally broke the 7u putback guideline.
> Majority of the changes are under the closed part of JDK, thus it 
> didn't occur to me that I have to separate out the part that went into 
> OpenJDK for a public review. Learned the lesson the hard way as you 
> aren't the only one pointing this out.
> Regards,
> Valerie
>> I noticed you don't seem to have commented on how this breaks the 
>> jdk7u guidelines.
>>> cheers,
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